Ma'ariv & Tikkun Leil Shavuot

About this event :

21:30 Ma‘ariv
21:45-22:45 In honor of Shavuot, three members of Hod veHadar will briefly introduce books they wrote that were published this year.

  • Dr. Yuval Ben Abu: It’s All in the Sound: The Physics Behind Acoustic Instruments (Hebrew)
  • Dr. Michal Cohen-Fram: The First Hebrew Woman Author: Sara Feiga Foner née  Meinkin (Hebrew)
  • Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: Virtuality and Humanity: Virtual Practice and Its Evolution from Pre-History to the 21st Century  (English)
22:45 Coffee and cake
23:00-23:45 What is “Holy Listening”? Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green (English) “Remember & Keep in One Statement”: Remembering and Observing the Sabbath in our Day, Rabbi Tzvi Graetz (Hebrew)

Your host : Hod Ve Hadar

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