We are a Learning Community

Learning has always been an integral part of our community.

With a membership that includes a substantial number of ordained rabbis, teachers, professors and researchers, we have been able to tap our natural resources, and offer stimulating lectures and courses to our membership. We are proud to present a rich variety of educational opportunities in an egalitarian, pluralistic setting for contemporary Jewish-Israeli learning from the perspective of the world Masorti (Conservative) Movement. Its aim is to create a commitment to continuous learning, and its courses are open to members of Hod veHadar as well as the community at large living in Kfar Saba and the surrounding Sharon region. We offer an interactive educational experience, in which lecturers present well-researched, engaging talks followed by group discussions. Special lectures are presented below. For details of on-going classes, click here.

Raise Up Your Voice with Strength: Women Speak of their Lives and the Lives of Others

Women in Rabbinical Court
Lecture in Hebrew
by Rivka Lubitch, a rabbinical court advocate

Monday, 20 April, 20:00 (Hebrew)
Admission: free for members; for guests: NIS 30/ lecture.

Classical Jewish Sources through a Modern Lens

Hebrew Lecture Series: Fall-Winter 5779 (2018-19)

Lecturer Topic
Dov Elboim  Sources of renewal and meaning for today in Jewish sources
Elkana Cherlow Midrash: “As clay in the hands of the darshan” for educational and current purposes
Elkana Cherlow Educational motivations for shaping the character of the prophet Elijah in the the midrash
Dr. Moti Zeira  “To the water wells” Traditional and pioneering sources in the songs of Naomi Shemer
R’ Avital Hochstein Contemporary readings of Talmudic texts: A new look at the beginning of Tractate Kiddushin
R’ Avital Hochstein Contemporary readings of Talmudic texts: What can a feminist reading add to understanding the stubborn and rebellious son?
Dr. Orit Avneri Two women, two dynasties, one family: The dynasties of Leah and Rachel
Dr. Orit Avneri A foreigner among us: Comparative reading of the books of Ruth and Esther
Yochi Brandes Udel:  Who was the Baal Shem Tov? What has been hidden from us? On her new book.

Admission: free for members; for guests: NIS 30/ lecture.

For full details and lecturer biographies in Hebrew, click here.

Dov Elboim at Hod vehhadar

Special lecture by Rabbi Badley Shavit Artson