Rabbi Mina Bromberg will join us on Scholar in Residence, on Shabbat 1-2 March 2019

Minna Bromberg with a guitar

Minna Bromberg

Minna Bromberg is a Rabbi, singer, song-writer. The emphasis in Minna’s singing is not on performing before an audience who passively listens, but rather as a way of bringing people into the experience of the music. Minna was born and raised in the States, and finished her doctorate in sociology, and was ordained as a Rabbi at “Hebrew College” in Boston. After her studies she served a Conservative Congregation in Pennsylvania for five years.  Minna and her husband made aliyah in 2014. During the Shabbat which she will spend with us there will be a number of ways in which we will examine the connection between song and the spirit, through our sources and through joint efforts at song.

Minna will be our Scholar in Residence 1-2nd of March 2019 and will light us up with song and knowledge.