Hod veHadar Adult Education

Program for 2018-19

English classes

Keva & Kavanna: Text & Meaning in Prayer

Tuesdays at 19:30, in the Library.

24 September: Aleinu: from Rosh Hashanah to the weekday service
censored manuscript of aleinu

Instructor: Shoshana Michael Zucker
Language: English

Weekly Torah Portion

Friday mornings at 9:30 in the library. The weekly Torah portion from varied perspectives, with observations about how it relates to today’s world. The sessions are led by instructors from the community.

Coordinators: Stephen Kramer and Barbara Schwartz

Language: English

August – vacation with one special session:
Friday, 16 August, 9:30, Baruch Kraus
“Sojourn and Slavery in Egypt: Historical Memory, Fact, or Fiction?”

6 September: Shofetim – Sam Lehman-Wilzig
13 September: Ki Tetze – Gail Shuster Bouskila
20 September: Ki Tavo – Anita Tamari
27 September: Nitzanim  – Shoshana Michael-Zucker

Hebrew classes


Sundays, at 19:45, in the classroom downstairs. Classes will resume in October 2019. Please check back for details.

We are studying Tractate Berachot, chapter 9, closely reading the text, incorporating classic learning with modern thinking and research. The course also focuses on the relevance of the text to today’s world. The sessions are open to both men and women alike. Please check the Events page to confirm dates.
Instructor: Rabbi Lionel Levy
Language: Hebrew

Halakhic Determination of Jewish Identity 

Instructor: Rabbi Tzvi Graetz
View this series in Hebrew on YouTube.
Download Hebrew sources here.

Halakhic Challenges in the 21st Century

This class, taught by Rabbi Tzvi Graetz, dealt with basic concepts in Jewish law, and examined modern Responsa written by Masorti (Conservative) rabbis on these topics

  • ‎Introduction: What is Jewish law? + The question of providing ‎supervision for restaurants that are open on Shabbat.‎
  • Tattoos and earrings: What is permitted and what is forbidden according to ‎Jewish law?‎
  • Entering mosques and churches: the position of halakhah
  • Status of Women in halakha (partition between genders during services, ‎women’s service in the IDF, leading prayer services)‎
  • Fasting Tisha B’Av in our day: how should we relate to the fast now that ‎Jerusalem is in our hands again?‎
  • ‎Separation between Jews and non-Jews in burial
  • ‎Wearing a kippah – a halakhic obligation or custom?

View this series in Hebrew on YouTube.