Hod veHadar Adult Education

Program for 2019-20

English classes

Living with People 

A monthly series of looks at life with others through the
lens of Rabbinic texts & Jewish tradition.

Tuesdays at 20:00, in the Library.

29.10.19:   The Talmud meets Vaad HaBayit* 

19.11.19:    “But I thought you wanted….”

17.12.19:   Who’s peeking in my window?

21.1.20:     Love your neighbor as yourself

18.2.20:    The Fourth Cardinal Sin

17.3.20:      Lies, white lies and BS

*Residents’ committee

Instructor: Shoshana Michael Zucker
Language: English

Weekly Torah Portion

Friday mornings at 9:30 in the library. The weekly Torah portion from varied perspectives, with observations about how it relates to today’s world. The sessions are led by instructors from the community.

Coordinators: Stephen Kramer and Barbara Schwartz

Language: English

11/10 Ha’azinu – Mark Okrent
18/10 Chol Hamo’ed – no lesson
25/10 B’reisheet – Shoshana Michael-Zucker

1/11 Noach – Sam Lehman-Wilzig
8/11 Lech Lecha – Stefanie Raker
15/11 Vayera – Ilana Kraus
22/11 Chayei Sarah – Gail Shuster Bouskila
29/11 Toldot – Anita Tamari

6/12 Vayetze – David Zisenwine
13/12 Vayishlach – Hana Inbar
20/12 Vayeshev – Naomi Leitner
27/12 Miketz – Judith Edelman-Green

Hebrew classes

Study Program for the High Holiday Season

Theoretical and experiential learning, plus learning new tunes for the High Holidays (in Hebrew).

On Wednesdays, Rabbi Zvi Graetz will teach evening classes about major issues related to the season.

On Saturdays, after Kiddush, there will be dialogues between community members and Rabbi Graetz on issues related to the season.

The finale will be Yom Kippur itself, with a special conversation after Ma’ariv services.

Date Day & time Topic
4.9 Wed.20:00 What is Teshuva (repentance)Textual study with Rabbi Graetz + learning seasonal melodies.
11.9 Wed.20:00 What happened in the Tabernacle on Yom Kippur?Textual study with Rabbi Graetz + learning seasonal melodies.
14.9 Sat.11:45 Elul & our romance with God Rabbi Tzvi Graetz in dialogue with Sara Shoub
28.9 Sat.11:45 Must we forgive others at all cost? Are there sins that should not (or cannot) be forgiven?Rabbi Tzvi Graetz in dialogue with Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig
8.10 Yom Kippur 20:00 Meaning of the Day: The story of Rabbi Ishmael Cohen Gadol & another perspective on JonahLed by Rabbi Tzvi Graetz


Sundays, at 19:45, in the classroom downstairs. Classes will resume in October 2019. Please check back for details.

We are studying Tractate Berachot, chapter 9, closely reading the text, incorporating classic learning with modern thinking and research. The course also focuses on the relevance of the text to today’s world. The sessions are open to both men and women alike. Please check the Events page to confirm dates.
Instructor: Rabbi Lionel Levy
Language: Hebrew