These days our social interactions take place in two dimensions.  Our connection with the HVH community has been reduced to small socially distanced gatherings in shul or Zoom gatherings where we gaze at the gallery and see the people we used to sit next to in the sanctuary and schmooze with at kiddush (ok, may during services, too).   It is reassuring to see the faces of our community but we can’t grasp hands through the computer screen or receive a reassuring hug via email. 
We are creating a new section in the weekly announcement email called Dear Hoddy in English and הודהודים in Hebrew. If you are so inclined, please send  (no more than 500 words) on any routine or not so routine life experiences or topics you are thinking about in Hebrew or English (posts are published only in their original language) to Anita or Batya.  
Our community is alive and kicking beyond the Corona restrictions. We may not be able to sit next to one another but we can still affect one another.
Posts in both languages are archived on the Hebrew page, click here.