Beit Midrash Hod veHadar

Program for 2018-19

Regular classes


Sundays, at 19:45, in the classroom downstairs. The last class for the season will be 1 July 2018. Classes will resume after the fall holidays.

This year we are studying Tractate Berachot, chapter 8, closely reading the text, incorporating classic learning with modern thinking and research. The course also focuses on the relevance of the text to today’s world. The sessions are open to both men and women alike. Please check the Events page to confirm dates.

Instructor: Rabbi Lionel Levy
Language: Hebrew

Keva & Kavanna: Text & Meaning in Prayer 

Tuesdays, in the Library. Upcoming class: 4 September 2018, 20:00 

Memory: More than a Children’s Game
Seder Zichronot ‎
The Rosh Hashanah Musaf service includes three unique, and ‎uniquely complex blessings, join us as we read one of them carefully ‎and delve into meaning of memory on the holiday the Torah calls the ‎‎“Day of Remembrance”‎

Oftentimes we complain about the prayers, especially that they are too long and too repetitive. Then we look for something external to improve the situation but the improvement can and should also come from within ourselves and from the prayers themselves. In order to fill our personal and communal prayers with a living spirit, it is helpful not only to understand the literal meanings of the words but also to explore how we can add substance and meaning.

Instructor: Shoshana Michael Zucker
Language: English

Weekly Torah Portion

Friday mornings at 9:00, resuming on 31 August 2018, in the library. The weekly Torah portion from varied perspectives, with observations about how it relates to today’s world. The sessions are led by instructors from the community.

Coordinators: Stephen Kramer and Barbara Schwartz
Language: English

31/8: Ki Tavo – Anita Tamari
‎7/9: Nitzavim – Baruch Kraus
‎15/9: Vayelech – Stefanie Raker
‎22/9: Ha’azinu – Dov Vogel ‎
‎29/9: Chol Hamoed Succot – no class ‎
‎5/10: Bereishit –‎ David Zisenwine
‎12/10: Noach – Gail Shuster-Bouskila
‎19/10: Lech Lecha – Sam Lehman-Wilzig
‎26/10: Vayera – Shoshana Michael Zucker
‎2/11: Chayei Sara – Judith Edelman-Green
‎9/11: Toldot – Natalie Barkan
‎16/11: Vayize – Baruch Kraus
‎23/11: Vayishlach – Lee Diamond
‎30/11: Vayeshev – Naomi Leitner