3 January 2018

Dear friends,

We’re on our way!!

Congregation Hod ve-Hadar is at the start of a new era, an era with an image of strong emotions coming from all sides. Rabbi Zvi Graetz will be starting in a position that never existed here before in order to fulfill many of our needs. Some of these needs were fulfilled by our own volunteers up to now and some have come to light over time and have become needs that we were unable to fulfill.

The selection and decision processes had their ups and downs, their hesitations, and sometimes even strong verbal expressions. But we overcame these difficulties and now, we welcome Rabbi Zvi Graetz in the hope that this change, which is enormous for us, will on the one hand, fulfill our expectations and on the other hand, will not disappoint us.

To be realistic, we should all remember:

Rabbi Zvi Graetz will be here in a part-time position, but the expectations of our various members concerning the position are enough for two full-time positions….!! The Board defined the order of priorities for his work. There will undoubtedly be issues that we cannot expect, at least not now, that Zvi will deal with. We will all have to understand, be patient and tolerant.

The defined priorities are:

  1. Bringing in people who are presently not involved, for activities with and within the congregation;
  2. Innovation, organization and implementation of congregation educational and cultural activities including participation/integration into presenting the content at these activities, mainly for adults but for youth as well;
  3. Participation/integration in leading services as a prayer leader;
  4. Assisting the bar/bat mitzvah committee with advertising, recruiting, organizing and implementing all the activities connected with the congregation’s bar/bat mitzvah program;
  5. Raising funds/resources for the congregation.

We will appoint two representatives who will help Zvi through his integration into the job. If you have any suggestions, comments, etc., please pass them on to the representatives, so that Zvi won’t be overwhelmed. He still doesn’t know what Hod ve-Hadar is all about.

We all wish Zvi (and ourselves) luck and success.

Nachum Kaminka,
Congregation Chairperson