A Different Approach to Prayer

Try a different approach to prayer by joining us at our creative service held six Shabbatot during the year and on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. “Creative” means that no two services are the same. In rotation, lay leaders build group prayer, discussion and study around prayers, poems and/or prose, as well as academic sources from the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. They often introduce Chassidic Nigunim (songs) or moving modern Hebrew melodies and songs not typically found in standard services. Each time the focus changes, depending on the leader. The emphasis on a particular Shabbat may be on the Torah portion of the week, on an upcoming holiday, or on a contemporary ethical issue. Directed meditation is an occasional element, creating a reflective Shabbat atmosphere.

Musical Havdalah 17 Nov 2017

Musical Havdalah 17 Nov 2017


Part of the fun of attending our Creative Service is the opportunity to think about and engage in Jewish values and life in a manner different from that of our traditional service, which is held simultaneously in the main synagogue. And – for the sake of community – everybody joins together for kiddush!

You can find the dates and times of our Creative Services on the synagogue schedule posted on this website.

Havdalah Concert on 17 March 2018 with Nava Tehilla

Doors open at 19:30. Tickets NIS 60 (inc. refreshments).

Info on the ensemble in English http://www.navatehila.org/35897/Nava-Tehila-Music-Ensemble